Basketball Rules
5th and 6th Grade Basketball Rules Timing: 1. Game Time: Two 18 minute halves: Clock will stop last minute of first half and last 2 minutes of the second half. Clock will stop for; “Technical foul Shots”. 2. Halftime: 3 minutes will be allowed. 3. Overtime: 3 minutes, clock will stop last minute. 2nd O.T.-Sudden Death Scoring / Fouls: 1. Free Throws: Bonus shot at 7th team foul-each half. (2 shots) 1point for all fouls on a shot before bonus. Ball out of bounds on all other fouls. No points awarded. 2. Timeouts: 3 timeouts per game, 1 timeout in overtime. NO CARRYOVERS. 3. Jump Ball: Start and overtimes. 4. (Technical Fouls: Technical fouls will be called at the discretion of the game officials. The penalty for a technical foul is two free throws and possession of the ball at the division line opposite the scorer’s table, regardless of circumstances, for a technical foul. Technical fouls called on a coach will result in the above consequences and the coach must remain seated on the bench during play of the game. The only time the coach may stand after a technical foul is during time outs and the end of the game. (Coaches): who receive two technical fouls within the same game will be ejected from the building and serve a one game suspension from coaching a game. If a coach is ejected from 2 games, that coach will be suspended for the remainder of the season. (Players): Players who receive a technical foul will be handled as out lined above. If a player receives two technical fouls in the same game, that player will be ejected from the game and must remain on the bench seated for the remainder of the game. If a player receives technical fouls in future games, the consequences could be the following as seen by the Tri-City Basketball Board; Half game suspension, (player can only play in the second half) but, may practice with their team, a one game suspension, but may continue to practice with their team, three or more technical fouls can result in being removed from the program. 5. Score sheets: Coaches responsible before start of game. 6. 3 point shot: The shot will only exist at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys levels. For girls, 7th and 8th grade levels. 7. Each team must have a score keeper and must sit with the official scorer, (person running the clock). Pre-Game: 1. Warm-up: 5 minutes will be allowed. Coaches will have to have the team ready. (Stretch prior to taking floor if necessary) 2. First Game: Gym will open at 7:30 a.m. 3. Basketballs: Boys 4th grade 28.5, Boys 5th grade 28.5. Regulation size 29.5 / 30 for Boys 6th grade to 8th grade. Girls 5th grade and up will use 28.5 size balls. Defense: 1. 5th Grade Defense: Will have to allow offense to cross mid-court. At change of possession, team will have to fall back on defense. Any type of defense will be allowed. Man-to-Man defense is preferred. 2. 6th Grade Defense: Any type defense will be allowed. Man-to-Man defense is preferred. 3. Boys 6th grade: Pressing is allowed throughout the game unless a team is winning by 105 or more points. A 15 point lead by any team will require zone play inside 3 point arc. If a team is losing, losing team can press only last minute of 1st half and 2 minutes of the 2nd half. A 15 point lead by any team will require zone play inside 3 point arc. Substitute Players: 1. Rosters are to include all team members. In the event a team will not have 5 players of a game, a substitute player may be used. These players may be from a lower grade team or a non-starting member of a team from the same town. Substitute players need to be registered with the scorer’s table prior to the game. 2. Roster additions need to be made before each game. League & Games Rules: 1. No Protests: The Officials’ decisions are final. 2. Court, Bench area: Coachers and players are responsible for keeping areas clean. 3. Lost or stolen items: Host towns are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Make sure that you have all of your team’s belongings. (e.g. drinks, coats, balls, etc…)